3 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters

Steve Lowisz
Have you ever heard the phrase "success is a habit?" It's true - especially in recruiting. Doing a few key things day-in and day-out is a surefire way to find success in this field. Below are three habits that foster success over time. By putting these principles into action, you can make better placements, win over hiring managers, and earn the trust of candidates. 

Habit #1: Actively Listening to Hiring Managers and Candidates

This one may sound obvious, but it’s so important that it’s worth emphasizing. We communicate with people all the time – but in our busy, fast-paced world, it’s easy to forget to listen to what someone has to say. 

When we’re actively listening to someone, we’re seeking to truly understand what truly saying. We seek to understand their motivations, their problems, their challenges, etc. It’s about asking insightful questions and thinking beyond assumptions. 

One simple tip for active listening is asking, “why?” more often. Ask hiring managers why they want certain requirements, why a prior employee was so successful in the role, and so forth. For candidates, work to uncover why they like their current job, why they enjoy a certain line of work, and so on. The best recruiters are always working on being a better listener and asking better questions. 

Habit #2: Treating Everyone, Everywhere with Respect 

Treating everyone with respect is another step that may seem simple, but let’s face it, it’s easier said than done. We’ve all had difficult clients and rude candidates. We’ve all had people catch us on bad days. That said...great recruiters strive to be respectful, kind, professional, and compassionate toward others, no matter the circumstances. 

The truth is, you never know where your next candidate or client is going to come from. Building a strong network as a recruiter goes a long way towards making your job easier. The more your candidates and clients like you, the more likely they are to refer your services to friends and associates. 

Remember, it takes a long time to build a reputation...but a very short time to lose it. Having a strong reputation that is built from trust and respect is critical for being an effective recruiter, so be sure to project a positive and respectful personal brand on a daily basis. 

Habit #3: Constantly Learning, Evaluating, and Improving Your Process 

Hey, nobody’s perfect. No matter how long you’ve been recruiting or how much success you’ve had, there’s always room for improvement. The world of recruiting is always changing as industries and technologies evolve as well. 

Long story short, you should continuously strive to educate yourself on new recruiting techniques, tools, and approaches. Carefully examine your process to see what’s working, what’s missing the mark, and what you can change. Experiment with new methods to see if something may work better. 

Greater Success Starts Today 

There will always be factors outside of your control in the world of recruiting. But if you stay focused on what you can control - including these habits - you can rest assured that you will succeed in the long run. If you want to take your career to the next level, focus on developing these habits. It starts today! 

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