3 Networking Tips for Easier Hires

Steve Lowisz
Networking rarely helps you fill a role overnight. But the recruiters who take the time to build strong networks can bring immense value to the table in terms of fast, quality hires. 

If you’re serious about investing in relationships to be a better recruiter, consider these three tips.

Show Genuine Interest in Every Candidate You Talk To

One of the cornerstones of good networking is showing real interest in the people you talk to. People can easily tell when you are just viewing them as a candidate for a role, or a person with interesting experience, skills, hobbies, and more. 

Take the time to get to know candidates on a human level. Ask what they do for fun, or how they spend their time outside of work. It helps you build a real connection that will last beyond your current openings.

Be an Active Listener - Not a Passive One

Anyone can listen to a candidate. But what sets apart the best recruiters and networkers is their ability to ACTIVELY listen

Active listening means you encourage the other person to continue talking and ask questions to gain a better understanding. It means asking follow-up questions to invite someone to elaborate or help explain a topic. 

One of the best ways to do this is to ask why! Ask why someone likes or dislikes their current job, or why they are so passionate about a particular topic.

Be as Honest and Transparent as Possible 

Let’s face it – unfortunately, recruiters are sometimes viewed as being dishonest. Many candidates get frustrated with recruiters who are only interested in their next commission check or feel like they sugarcoat the less desirable aspects of their positions. 

You can greatly differentiate yourself by being as honest as possible with candidates. It may sound counterintuitive, but sometimes admitting the challenges at a company or in a given role can be a huge advantage. This shows candidates you’re being honest with them and leaves them more likely to listen to the rest of what you have to say. 

Oftentimes, people can tell when you’re glossing over key details, or leaving out important information.

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