5 Ways to Spruce up Your LinkedIn Profile as a Recruiter

Steve Lowisz
One of the easiest ways you can make new connections with potential candidates is through LinkedIn...Which is why it’s so important to make sure your profile is top notch!

If you’re lucky enough to catch someone’s eye with your opening message, you can bet that their next step will be to check out your profile. They want to make sure you seem knowledgeable, trustworthy, and professional before giving you the time of day.

After just a glance, your profile will either convince them to ignore you, or to actually form a connection. The question is: Does your profile show the potential candidate that you could provide them with real value?

How can you convey that you are a rock star recruiter at a glance?

Here are 5 tips to revamp your LinkedIn profile to make sure you are easily recognized as the outstanding recruiting professional that you are.

1. Update Your Profile Picture

Simply having a profile picture is a must. However, it should look professional and show off your confidence. You want to avoid having your picture look too busy or too casual.

This means no group photos. No candid shots of you at a party. Stick to a basic headshot in a nice outfit that you would typically wear in a work setting. If you wear pajamas to work, what would your target audience expect and appreciate?

Maybe you’ve already got all of the above covered. But how recent is your photo? It might be time for a new one if it’s more than a few years old. You want your photo to be an accurate representation of what you look like today. A candidate shouldn’t feel catfished when you end up speaking face-to-face.

2. Change Your Headline

Each time you update your current title and company on LinkedIn, your headline automatically gets updated to that too. Many people stick with this basic default headline.

Instead, try using this space to write something eye-catching that describes what you do. 

Let’s say your focus is in financial recruiting. Rather than just having “recruiter at X company,” emphasize your specialty. Make your headline “financial recruiter skillfully connecting professionals to the right employer for X years” Try to make it distinctive! Just remember you only get 120 characters.

3. Provide Contact Information

I’ve seen countless recruiting profiles with no other options to contact them besides LinkedIn itself.

Update this section with your company website, your phone number (use Google Voice or some other tool if putting out your direct dial isn’t in the cards!), your email, and be sure to include if you have any other social media pages (like Twitter or Facebook). Playing hard to get with potential candidates only results in missed opportunities.

4. Add a Background image

A great way to immediately make your profile stand out is to add a background image.

Make the image work-relevant by using your company logo, a photo of your office building, or maybe a sophisticated office-related image like a desk workspace, a cup of coffee, or a stack of books.

You can even add images that reflect the industry you specialize in. For instance, if you recruit in healthcare your background image could be a stethoscope, or a stock image of smiling doctors. This conveys dedication to your target candidates.

I've even seen one recruiter who has a collage that includes the pictures of more than 50 people she has placed! Talk about social proof!

5. Get Recommendations from Past Candidates

Most of us like to read reviews on items before purchasing them. We want to know what others think before we buy a product ourselves. 

Well, this same thought process applies to recruiters...

Candidates want to know if you can be trusted with their career in your hands. Don’t be afraid to select the “ask to be recommended” link on your profile page every now and then. Send polite and personalized requests to past candidates that you’ve successfully placed in a new position who can attest to your skills. Even invite candidates that you’ve had to turn down for a role but kept a strong relationship with. Now that spells character!

Let your profile speak for itself.

By following these 5 tips, you’ll put your best foot forward. Don’t allow simple profile mistakes to muddy up how potential candidates perceive you as a recruiting professional!

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