Are These 3 Myths Holding Back Your Recruiting Team?

Oct 3 / Steve Lowisz
Recruitment is like any other line of work. There are some myths that people love to share as truth, but simply aren’t true!

Unfortunately, a lot of these myths hold back recruiting teams. Whether it’s wasting time trying to find candidates that just aren’t there or building a recruiting process that slows us down, it’s time to bust these myths and figure out a more productive way forward.

Myth #1: The "No One Wants to Work Anymore" Myth

Let's get one thing straight: People do want to work, but they want to work smart. Unemployment rates are at record lows, and if your organization is struggling to attract candidates, it's not because folks are lounging around in their PJs. It's because they demand more than just a paycheck.

Recruiters, your mission is to make your opportunities irresistible. Forget the generic job listings and salary figures. Talk about impact, career advancement, and the importance of the role within your team, organization, and community. Candidates crave purpose and growth. Feed that hunger, and you'll see a stampede of top talent lining up at your doorstep.

Myth #2: The Long Application Process Will Weed Out Bad Candidates

This myth is as outdated as dial-up internet. The idea that a lengthy application process helps you weed out bad candidates is nothing short of absurd. In today's fast-paced world, top-notch candidates are busy. They're already gainfully employed, and they won't waste their precious time on convoluted applications.

Recruiters, take note: simplicity is your best friend. Make your application process as easy as uploading a resume. The more hurdles that candidates must jump through, the more likely they'll jump ship to a competitor with a more user-friendly approach. So, ditch the lengthy forms and opt for efficiency. Quality candidates are out there, and they're just one click away from your opportunity.

Myth #3: The Unicorn Candidate Hunt

Seeking that elusive "unicorn" candidate who checks every box is a futile endeavor. It's time to shift your mindset and redefine what a qualified candidate looks like. Rather than fixating on arbitrary qualifications like years of experience, open your eyes to unconventional but equally valuable talents.

Think about the rising star who achieved remarkable results in just a year, or the candidate with stellar video communication skills who can connect with their team in a whole new way.

It’s time to break free from traditional hiring molds. Instead of searching for perfection, find candidates who bring unique strengths to the table.

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