Brand Building

Steve Lowisz

Build Your Credibility as a Professional Recruiter 

As recruiters, we understand the value of using tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and others to source candidates. But do we understand how to leverage social media to build our own credibility and brand as professional recruiters? 

Social recruiting goes well beyond posting a job and praying someone applies. Social recruiting includes building YOUR brand and trust as a recruiting professional and engaging your community to build real influence. 

Market Yourself 

Even if you’re a recruiter that works for a big company, you need to distinguish yourself as an individual who is professional and trustworthy. 

If you use your social media to make professional connections, does the content of your page reflect that? 

Build out your bio by listing your skills and the value you bring to the recruiting world. 

Make yourself approachable by providing a way to contact you. 

Avoid posting daily pictures of your lunch and silly status updates of your random thoughts. Leave that for your personal page. 

Engage in Relevant Communities 

Many recruiters make the mistake of spending most of their time on social media in groups geared towards recruiters. What we really need to be doing is spending time in industry groups that we’re trying to RECRUIT. 

Becoming active members in groups that contain potential candidates can go a long way. 

By doing so, we can form new connections. We can learn their latest industry trends and hear about their pains. When the time comes to recruit, we will know what’s truly important to the community. 

Provide Value 

Provide real value where you can. Put out content that gives relevant advice and touches on topics that matter to the audience you’re speaking to. 

Make posts that encourage meaningful conversations between yourself and others.

Others will take notice that you know what you’re talking about and remember you. You’ll become known as a reliable source. 

Building your brand properly can take you to new levels of success.

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