Finding the Right Candidate During the Pandemic

Steve Lowisz
Currently the economy is in an extremely tough spot. The harsh reality is that millions of people have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus and are applying for new ones.

But many businesses themselves are hurting. There are a limited number of industries still actively hiring until the economy is restarted.

With an abundance of candidates and a shortage of positions, it’s more important than ever for us recruiters to be sure that we’re finding the right fit. Hiring based on simple skills-based questions just won’t cut it.

The stakes are always higher during crisis.

Businesses need to be extra careful about where they’re investing their hard-earned cash.

If they spend money on training people who won’t stick around or perform well, their situation could quickly turn dire. Too many bad investments like this could result in a company closing their doors for good.

So, how do we uncover the best candidates with such a large increase of applicants?

It can be easier to whittle down the candidate pool once you consciously remind yourself to look for certain promising characteristics.

Keep an eye out for the candidate who…

A. Is genuinely passionate.
You may be noticing an influx of applicants who’s resumes seem completely mismatched to the roles they are applying for. Sure, breaking into a new industry is not unheard of, but right now it’s more likely that they are applying to any and every opportunity that they see. They’re not TRULY interested.

Look for those who are genuinely passionate about what they want to do; like candidates who take the time to include cover letters pitching why they would be a strong choice. Or candidates who are clear about the environment they will thrive in.

B. Is understanding of the uncharted waters we find ourselves in.
Many companies are making drastic changes to the way that they operate. They’re trying things for the first time, like working remotely or incorporating new safety measures. They may even be pivoting on what products and services they are delivering. 

Find candidates who can roll with the punches and understand everything isn’t going to be running as smoothly as usual. Candidates who show resiliency during massive change are critical during these times.

C. Is flexible. 
There are plenty of candidates out there who are still holding onto unrealistic expectations. They are unwilling to compromise on things like start dates, titles, compensation, full-time work, or location.

Search for the candidates who express that they are flexible, quickly able to adapt, and willing to make exceptions considering the circumstances.

Although times are difficult, we cannot sacrifice quality when it comes to hiring.

We want to ensure that businesses are making smart hires so that they’re able to succeed well into the future. Our economy will bounce back, and every company needs to be prepared with the right people!