Funnel Hacking for Recruiters

Steve Lowisz
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Funnel Hacking

Recruiting continues to evolve as generations and technology change. It’s important to stay well-versed in new and old strategies alike to ensure success in your career.

Understanding and incorporating marketing-inspired funnels into your recruiting strategy can be a game-changer. In session 1 you will understand the science behind how our brains respond to emotional triggers and how funnels are structured to leverage these triggers.

The Evolution of Approaching Candidates

The ability to develop relationships remains a critical aspect of recruiting, but how we initially approach candidates continues to evolve. In the 80’s we had the phone and the fax machine. In the 90’s, job boards and email were all the rage. And in the 2000’s LinkedIn came on the scene and forever changed the recruiting landscape.

Although the tools are different, the one thing all of these approaches have in common is that they focus exclusively on OUTBOUND messaging. Sure, we got faster with our ability to send potential candidates a message, but as recruiters, we still drove the messaging.

Today, recruiting must include both OUTBOUND and INBOUND candidate strategies.

Outbound and Inbound Funnel Strategies

Leveraged by marketers to drive potential buyers, funnels are a key tool that recruiters need to leverage in order to drive more candidate engagement, save precious time, and deliver greater results.

Outbound strategies cast a wide net with no guarantee on response. Inbound strategies target relevant, interested audiences who are actively seeking your content. The combination will build your pool of viable candidates substantially.

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