Post and Pray

Steve Lowisz
More than 25 years ago when I began my recruiting career, recruiters were known to place a newspaper ad, cross their fingers, and hope that they would receive some sort of response (hence the term “post and pray”).

Now, let’s fast forward to the internet age when recruiters began using online job boards (like Monster and CareerBuilder) to do the same thing, but electronically.

Today, the post and pray method has even spilled over onto social media. I often see my Twitter feed flooded with job postings by recruiters. Unfortunately the technique hasn’t evolved, it has just found its way onto new platforms.

Why Is This Method Still So Widely Used?

Some people believe that recruiters who post and pray are just lazy. That’s not necessarily the case…

Recruiters tend to have so much on their plate that they end up using the post and pray method as a rushed solution to alleviate some of their workload. This is especially true for those at larger companies.

They scatter job postings across multiple websites hoping that candidates will come to them, while they focus on sifting through resumes for a different project. It’s so widely used because it’s a fast and simple course of action.

This Method Is Easy…But Is It Efficient?

What happens once people start applying to these positions?

The post and pray method creates an endless cycle of work for recruiters. Tons of unqualified candidates apply for positions for the same reason the recruiter posted it on a job board or social media in the first place; it’s quick and easy.

This means that the recruiter must now put aside time to filter through their inbox and hope that there’s a candidate in the mix that qualifies for the job. In the end, this process ends up taking more time away from the recruiter. Time that could have been spent using different methods to find the right candidate from day one. Instead, the recruiter is left with countless resume submissions from people who do not qualify for the position.

Be Proactive in Your Recruiting Process!

Don’t rely on posting and praying alone (even if you feel like you don’t have the extra time). You’re already wasting your time in the future by doing this. You need to actively search for the right candidates yourself. Find THEM, don’t expect placements to just fall into your lap.

Sure, you might be able to find that diamond in the rough by posting and praying; it’s just going to take a lot longer and chances of success are much slimmer. It’s also entirely possible that NONE of the applicants are the right fit, and you’ll be right back at square one.

Be sure to switch up your techniques to attract candidates rather than just relying on the old-fashioned post and pray method!