Stay Active in the Industry Communities You Recruit For

Steve Lowisz

Recruiters Need Candidate Industry Knowledge.

You can’t become a rock star recruiter in an industry without first learning its ins and outs. It’s not enough to do a quick google search hoping you find a few buzzwords that will click with candidates.

To really gain an advantage in your recruiting game, you need to do much more groundwork. You need to hear firsthand knowledge straight from the horse’s mouth. In other words, you need to actually get to know the people within an industry WITHOUT trying to pitch a role to them.

How do we do that?

By joining relevant forums on social media and LISTENING. Listen to their current issues and pains. Get a feel for their job market outside of what online articles can tell you. See what topics are trending among their posts.

Once you get a feel for the community, you can begin the key step: building relationships without asking for favors. Be honest that you are a recruiter, but don’t jump in immediately trying to sell them on a job. Leave comments that spark thoughtful conversations. Show that you know your subject matter.

What are the benefits of interacting in online industry groups?

You can use the knowledge and relationships you’ve built in these forums for a few different benefits…

1. You can build your credibility.

After spending enough time actively communicating within a group, people will begin to remember your name. They’ll remember the value you always bring to the community discussions. The more they remember you, the more likely they will want to help give you referrals in the future. They might even come to YOU first whenever they are in the market for a new job.

2. You can better relate to future candidates.

Someone who specializes in a certain field of work can sense from a mile away if someone approaches them with no real knowledge of what they’re talking about. Thanks to your forums, you’ll be prepared to approach potential candidates that you’ve found elsewhere. 

You’ll be able to level with them about what pains they’re likely experiencing. Or recognize if a new trend might be impacting them in their current position. It will help them let their guard down easier.

3. You can give helpful insight to hiring managers.

There is often a disconnect between what hiring managers think they want for a role, and what the role actually needs. If it has been a while since they’ve had to hire for a certain position, their expectations might be a bit outdated.

Whenever you run into situations like this, you’ll be able to recognize it, call it out, and then work together to make adjustments! Like if compensation seems low and there are too many irrelevant requirements. It will save you time from messaging endless candidates that you know will pass once they hear the specifics of what’s being offered.

It’s worth it to go above and beyond.

Make your job as a recruiter easier by putting in the work NOW! Become a master of your craft by joining the industry communities that you recruit for and gaining insider knowledge.
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