Staying Organized as a Recruiter

Steve Lowisz
Being a successful recruiter is no easy feat. It requires a lot of time management and organization. Between maintaining relationships with candidates and clients, forming new relationships, and working on projects, it’s a lot to juggle. Even the most seasoned recruiter can easily become overwhelmed without some structure.

Below are some tips to help keep you organized:

Create to-do lists.

Having a concrete list of all the items you need to accomplish in a day, week, or month can be incredibly helpful. Rather than trying to memorize all of your obligations and leaving yourself at risk of forgetting something, write it down on your to-do list!

Take the larger tasks that you need to accomplish and break them down into more manageable step-by-step pieces. This way, you’ll gain a sense of accomplishment by seeing your forward momentum, and you’ll be able to easily measure your progress as you check off each piece.

Color-code your online calendar.

Assigning different colors to certain items on your calendar will give you a quick and simple visual of what you’ll be doing each day.

Here are some category suggestions that you can assign to your calendar items to step up your organization game:

• Phone Calls
• Video Meetings
• In-Person Meetings
• Important Reminders (such as a reminder to reach out to someone, or a due date)
• Clients (indicating you will be speaking with a client)
• Candidates (indicating you will be speaking with a candidate)

Set personal deadlines.

Without personal deadlines, you may find yourself putting too much focus in one area, and mistakenly neglecting other important items. This leads to rushing at the end of the day to get those other items done, which means the quality of your work could suffer.

Giving yourself realistic daily deadlines will help with your time management. 

For example:

• 8am-9am – Admin time
• 9am-10am – Review project statuses
• 10am-12pm – Candidate outreach for X project
• 12pm-1pm – Lunch
• 1pm-2pm – Admin time
• 2pm-4pm – Candidate outreach for Y project
• 4pm-5pm – Review new profiles

Communicate, communicate, communicate.

Above all else, clear communication is key to staying organized. You want to make sure everyone is on the same page and kept up to speed on any new developments. If there is a disconnect somewhere in your communication with candidates, clients, or within your own team, no amount of additional organization will help.

Reduce your stress level and stay in control by utilizing these organization tips!