Course overview

Become a Recruiter with Influence

The most effective recruiting professionals understand that recruiting is all about INFLUENCE. Without the ability to influence, it's almost impossible to get our hiring leaders to follow our lead, or to properly engage candidates.
Yet at the same time, there is a fine line between influence and manipulation.
In this FREE webinar, you will get the 5 keys to building influence as a recruiter, and learn how to guide hiring managers and influence candidates through the recruiting process!
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Key Objectives:

  • Define and understand the real meaning of influence and its application to every recruiter
  • Understand the impact of our influence with hiring leaders and candidates
  • Learn how to master the practical application of influence - Recruiting is Influence
  • Understand the 5 key ways to increase your influence and trust as a recruiter
  • Learn the basic principals required to avoid assumptions and increase trust
  • Learn how to leverage the art and science of Pre-Framing and the Verbal Agenda
  • Learn how to coach hiring leaders through the 4F process
  • Define the critical steps required to lead your hiring leaders and candidates