Results-Based Interviewing™

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Course overview
Recruiters, HR professionals , or Hiring Leaders will learn the key to Results-Based Interviewing™. Going beyond traditional behavioral based interviewing, students will learn how to assess the entire candidate including, the head, heart, and KSA’s through implementation of the Core 4 Principals of candidate assessment.  

Become SHRM Certified

  • Define, understand and implement the process of Results-Based Interviewing™
  • Improve your ability to assess candidates beyond traditional job descriptions
  • Master the ability to define open positions through performance, and not skills alone
  • Learn how to properly prepare for each interview to improve success rates after selection
  • Understand the limitations of common interview practices and why they are poor predictors of success
  • Define the most reliable predictors of on the job performance
  • Understand the 4 common interview types and their purpose
  • Understand how to assess the entire candidate including head, heart & skills (KSA's)
  • Master the concept of The Core 4™ including Production, Purpose, Profile and Probe
  • Learn how to leverage the power of analytics to uncover the core drivers and related needs that cause specific behaviors