Course overview

The Approach: Sales 101

Learn common recruiting mistakes made at all levels of experience. Identify the five basic selling steps required to build relationship with potential candidates.

Within The Sell, Recruiters will learn common recruiting mistakes made at all levels of experience. They will identify and commit to memory the five basic sales steps that are the foundation of every successful Recruiter. Recruiters will apply each of the five sales steps in the recruitment process through extensive role playing and interactive situational examples. Recruiters will learn how to apply sales techniques and develop a strategy to identify the motivational drivers of each potential candidate without conducting an “interview”. Recruiters will learn how to leverage objections to turn not interested contacts into interested and engaged candidates.
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Key Takeaways

  • How to write a compelling and concise message as a Recruiter
  • Understand your target audience: Why they quit
  • Understand the sales process
  • Using communication that works – how to be an atypical Recruiter
  • Overcoming objections – speed bumps vs. road blocks
  • Filling the need & presenting the opportunity