Course overview

The Hunt: Sourcing

Learn how to develop a comprehensive sourcing strategy utilizing both traditional and web 2.0 tools. Understand common tools and their individual limitations.

Within The Hunt, Recruiters will learn how to develop a comprehensive sourcing strategy that further aids in developing an internal reputation with your Hiring Manager. Recruiters will learn the basics steps in leading managers. Recruiters will review the most common sourcing tools, their individual limitations, and their proper application. They will learn to apply the proper sourcing tools and learn how to leverage each properly to identify potential candidates. Recruiters will learn how to apply telephone sourcing techniques to improve effectiveness of traditional and web 2.0 sourcing tools.

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Key Objectives

  • Traditional networking vs. social networking and when to utilize each medium
  • Offline supporters vs. online supporters and their reasoning
  • Understand why so many sourcing strategies fail
  • Learn how to build an online presence to locate and engage with target demographics and allow for candidate tracking and assessment
  • Understand Forrester’s Social Ladder of Participation and how it relates to utilization of social technologies for key recruiting strategies
  • Understand the importance of pairing online recruiting strategies with offline support in order to fully apply all components of recruiting and ensure thorough recruiting processes