Course overview

The Job: Intake Session

Within The Job, Recruiters will learn to go beyond the traditional job descriptions to understand what Hiring Managers really need. Recruiters will learn the necessary techniques to challenge Hiring Managers in order to aid them in developing a true understanding of the importance of skills versus years of experience. They will understand how to create raving fans from Hiring Managers by serving as the expert talent acquisition person that Recruiters were hired to be. Recruiters will learn to apply the proper questioning techniques necessary to lead each Hiring Manager in clearly defining and prioritizing position requirements in terms of specific skills, increasing Hiring Manager and Recruiter accountability in proper candidate selection.
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Key Objectives

  • Understand job description cautions and pitfalls
  • Utilization of key needs process and documentation
  • How to ask Hiring Managers the right questions to get the right profile
  • How to avoid common mistakes when taking the job order
  • Understand how to “lead” the Hiring Manager when taking the job order