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Writing Job Ads That Candidates Can’t Resist

Every day recruiters make a mistake that costs them time and money. They create job ads that don’t give candidates a reason to care, let alone apply!
Candidates apply to your jobs because they read words that make them want to BUY. They need to buy into your brand, your purpose, and your story that casts them as the hero. 

  • Learn the five universal points all candidates respond to
  • Understand the REAL reasons candidates buy into your message
  • How to simplify your job ad so candidates are eager to apply
  • Get the tools to create effective messaging for job boards, career sites, and social media
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Steve Lowisz

CEO and Founder of Qualigence International
About Steve
With more than two decades of experience in the recruitment industry, Steve Lowisz is an internationally regarded trainer and speaker on all things pertaining to talent. Steve formed the Recruitment Education Institute to continue his passion of educating and preparing recruitment professionals and hiring executives with the tools and techniques required to create effective recruitment functions and processes. His unique and sometimes unconventional delivery style is engaging, challenging and thought-provoking for recruiters new to the industry all the way up to the seasoned CEO seeking the best talent.