Behavioral Based Interviewing

In this session, participants will learn the importance of interviewing right the first time, and how to overcome common issues with traditional interviewing methods. This session will explain the effectiveness of behavioral based interviewing, and why it’s essential to uncover the skills, attitude, competency and culture of each and every candidate before taking them further in the process. The session will give sample questions for interviewing that identify what to look for, the most important competencies to assess for the role, and how to identify these with your hiring manager. The session looks at position competency profiles and reviews how to best utilize these tools for effective behavioral based interviewing. This session will explain the importance of the STAR Model and other methods within the behavioral interview.

Within this session, participants will:

  • Understand the four common interviews types and their purpose
  • Understand why common interview practices are poor predictors of a candidate’s success
  • Understand the documented advantages of utilizing behavioral based interviewing to thoroughly assess a candidate’s skills, attitude, competency and culture fit
  • Learn how to develop effective interview tactics to increase customer experience, decrease unwanted turnover and performance issues, and increase morale among staff
  • Learn and apply the difference between traditional and behavioral based interviewing, and how to best utilize questions that target specific behaviors
    Understand the six steps to conducting a Behavioral Based Interview

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