3 Creative Ways to Find More Candidates

Steve Lowisz
It’s official.

LinkedIn won’t cut it anymore.

Everybody and their grandma is trying to find candidates on the platform...

But with today’s talent shortage, it’s just not enough.

As a recruiter, you have to leverage creative sourcing methods that others aren’t thinking of.

Let’s dive into three outside-the-box ways to connect with top talent. 

Social Media Platforms OTHER Than LinkedIn 

Most candidates spend way more time on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms than they do on LinkedIn. Although they’re less focused on work, you can still find groups and discussions centered around their profession.

Try finding groups on Facebook related to your target industry. These groups will be filled with people discussing aspects of the industry and their line of work. On Twitter, you can search for topics related to your open roles.

Lastly, you can always try local job search groups on Facebook. The trick is to get creative, join a lot of different groups and see what works. 

Find Where Your Candidates Spend Time Online 

Social media is easy. But if you can find other websites, forums, and communities for your target industry online, your work is cut out for you.

Github is great for developers, and Dribble is an awesome site for designers. These are just two examples of countless sites online where certain types of professionals come together to share work, advice, and feedback with one another.

These sites are tremendously useful as a recruiter because you can zero in on candidates with the skills and portfolios that match your search. 

Compelling Job Ads and Job Descriptions 

Let’s be real. Most job ads will bore you to tears.

And yet recruiters wonder why no one applies to their jobs!
Writing compelling job ads and JDs can be an incredibly cost-effective way to get more applicants. When writing about your job, you need to make it clear why this is a uniquely exciting position.
Why should candidates come work for you instead of any other company? If you don’t tell them in your job ad, they won’t know!
Keep job ads and JDs as short as possible. You can always screen out candidates later. If you want to learn more about how to write killer job ads, sign up for our free webinar on the subject right here

Candidates Are Out There 

Despite the shortage, qualified candidates can still be found. The trick is to look where other recruiters AREN’T looking. LinkedIn isn’t nearly as effective as it used to be because there’s too many recruiters spamming all the same candidates.

It’s time to forge a new path and find candidates in creative new ways. If you keep at it and keep experimenting with new sourcing strategies, sooner or later you will find the talent you need!