3 Tips to Maximize Candidate Referrals

Steve Lowisz
Referrals are one of the most valuable tools for recruiting.

Getting employee referrals is one thing. But what about candidate referrals...including the candidates you reject?

Candidates can be an awesome source of referrals. However, you have to earn these referrals. You have to leave candidates with such a positive impression that they’re not only willing but EXCITED to refer others.

The trick is to offer an amazing candidate experience. If you ace this part of the recruiting process, you’d be surprised how many candidates are happy to refer friends, family and colleagues to your company.

If you’re ready to leverage candidate referrals, here are three ways to boost candidate experience and make it happen:

Give Feedback - And Ask for it Too 

The best candidates love receiving feedback. Whether it’s their interview performance or something on their resume, they want to improve and learn from the experience.

If candidates don’t receive feedback, they may jump to conclusions. The worst case scenario here is they assume you had unfair reasons for rejecting them.

Lastly, make sure you ask the candidate for feedback as well. Asking for feedback lets a candidate know you cared about their experience, and helps you improve for the next candidate.

Stay in Constant Communication - And Don't Delay Your Decision

As a candidate, nothing is more frustrating than a lack of communication. From the initial application to post-interview, recruiters should be in constant communication about what’s occurring internally, what next steps look like, and what the candidate can expect next.

It’s similar to the point about feedback. If candidates don’t hear anything, they’re likely to assume the worst.

They may assume you’ve forgotten about them, or that you’re moving forward with a different candidate without telling them. Stay ahead of the curve with frequent check-ins and updates.

Be Upfront About Salary

63% of U.S. adults say that pay rate/salary is among the most important factors when looking for a new job. For many candidates, their decision to apply or not depends on salary first and foremost.

According to the Talent Board’s latest research, when candidates are told about the job’s salary without having to ask, they are 132% more likely to refer others.

The earlier you share a salary band or range, the more likely it is you’ll be able to draw in top talent. It shows you’re offering competitive compensation and won’t waste anyone’s time with a low-ball offer after their time is spent applying and interviewing.

Give Your Pipeline a Boost

Improving your candidate experience is one of the single best things you can do for your talent pipeline. Beyond candidate referrals, it also means candidates are likely to apply again later. Additionally, candidates who had a great experience are likely to leave awesome reviews on Glassdoor, Indeed and other platforms, which encourages others to apply.

It’s not always easy to wow candidates, but trust us – it's worth the time and effort!

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