Email Subject Lines That Candidates Can't Resist

Steve Lowisz
Email subject lines are one of the most important things you’ll write as a recruiter.

You may think “it’s just one line, what’s the big deal?”

For many candidates, it’s the first thing they will read from you.

If you don’t catch their attention with a great subject line, they’ll move on – and you’ll never actually get them on the phone.

So how can you break through the noise and capture candidates’ attention in today’s busy world?

Here are a few ideas to try out on your next search:

Ask a Question

Try asking a question that relates to someone’s area of expertise.

For example, if you’re emailing a candidate named John about a social media marketing role, you may write, “John, can you help me understand Google Ads?”

Why does this work? Because people love an opportunity to showcase their expertise. They love to help other people with specialized knowledge. Try it out!

"Don't Open This Unless..."

You’d be surprised at how effective reverse psychology can be! When a candidate sees a subject line like this, they can’t help themselves – they have to open your email to see what else you have to say.

Their curiosity compels them to see why someone is sending them such a strange email.

Remember – your #1 GOAL with a subject line is to get someone to open the email!

You can talk about the job and sell the opportunity inside your email...but your subject line just needs to get someone to open it first!

Make it Personal

One of the best ways you can grab a candidate’s attention is by personalizing your subject line.

Reference a past job, their school mascot from college, or anything else you noticed on their resume or LinkedIn.

This works because it shows the candidate you actually read their profile and resume. That makes them feel special and important, because you’re paying attention to them as an individual, not just another candidate.

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