The Interview Formats That Kill Candidate Experience

Steve Lowisz
Oddball questions...unexpected tests...deliberately adding pressure...

Some companies seem to go out of their way to create unpleasant candidate experiences.

While we can appreciate the creativity involved, some interview formats do more harm than good.

Learn about three common interview formats you should stop using as soon as possible:

Stress Interviews

Look, we understand the rationale behind stress interviews. It’s important to recognize that how a candidate behaves in an interview is not necessarily how they’ll behave on the job. However, we can’t successfully recreate stressful job conditions in an interview. It’s just not possible.

Even worse, you’ll create a lasting negative association with your company. Qualified candidates are in short supply in today’s talent market, and if your candidate can go interview at another company after a stress interview, why would they ever call you back?

Unstructured Interviews

Structured interviews may feel rigid and formal, but they’re used for a reason. With a free-flowing, unstructured interview, it’s easy to get side-tracked and waste precious time discussing irrelevant topics. Candidates may wonder after the fact why you wasted their time discussing trivial subjects.

Furthermore, without any structure, it’s easy for candidates to get confused or struggle to understand how they are being evaluated. This only adds to their stress and anxiety – and interviews are stressful enough as is! It's just not a good candidate experience.

Brain Teasers and Quirky Questions

Brain teasers may seem like a good way to evaluate a candidate’s creativity, but they’re more likely to frustrate or annoy candidates.

Questions like “how many golf balls would fit inside a 747” or “how many gas stations are in Manhattan” make it really hard for a candidate to take your interview seriously. They have nothing to do with the position at hand or the skills required, so just drop these questions and stick to the matter at hand.

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