Recruiting Success Starts With Setting the Right Expectations

Steve Lowisz
One of the most important factors of success in recruiting is having clear expectations between recruiter and client.

It’s not enough to talk about estimated time to fill or the desired skill sets from candidates.

Here are some of the key topics you should discuss with your client at the very beginning of the recruitment process:

Anticipated Number of Candidate Submittals

If your client has a long list of desired skill sets, it’s a good idea to manage their expectations by having them prioritize which skills are absolutely necessary for a candidate to have before hiring, and which skills are nice to have, but could likely be learned on the job. Once this has been sorted, the job description can be adjusted accordingly.

Frequency of Communication

How often would the client like updates?

The hiring manager may not have time to dive into daily updates on the project. If you fill their inbox with daily updates, you run the risk of important information getting lost in the shuffle.

Other times, a hiring manager may be interested in closely following the progress of the project and would appreciate frequent emails.

It’s best just to clarify their preference in this area so that they have a positive experience receiving information in a way that is suitable for them!

Expected Response Times from Client

Accountability is important from both recruiter and client.

By having the client commit to a window of time in which you can expect a reply to your emails or voicemails, you’ll know when it’s necessary to send follow-up messages without fear of bombarding them.

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