The Great Resignation: How Recruiters Can Still Meet Their Goals

Steve Lowisz
The Great Resignation is posing a number of serious challenges for recruiters.

For every available candidate, there’s countless open roles...And as more people resign, the pressure grows for recruiters to deliver hires.

It’s a brutal spot to be in. Here's three ways recruiters can keep their heads above water and still make an impact: 

Tip #1 for Navigating the Great Resignation - Keep an Open Mind

A candidate who tells you “no way” today might resign from their job tomorrow.

Everyone is re-evaluating their job right now. There is so much upheaval in the job market and things are changing by the minute.

You never know when a candidate will be ready to jump ship.

As a recruiter, your best bet is to build and maintain relationships with any qualified talent...even if they insist they’re not switching jobs right now. Things can change very quickly these days.

Tip #2 for Navigating the Great Resignation – Learn Recruitment Marketing Basics

It doesn’t matter that you’re not a marketer. It doesn’t matter that you’ve never had to do it before.

You can still benefit greatly from learning how to write a job posting that attracts candidates.

Competition is so fierce that you really need to learn how to market every open position. Even a simple social post written from a marketing angle could help you find your next candidate.

But if you don’t understand the basics of marketing, you’ll blend into the crowd like everyone else.

Tip #3 for Navigating the Great Resignation – Look into Automation and Other Tech Tools

Recruiters are pressed for time like never before. The talent shortage makes it impossible to find the time to connect with quality candidates.

Automated candidate outreach platforms can be incredibly useful here. Other companies are leveraging chatbots to prequalify candidates, or connect candidates with the right opportunities. One-way video interviewing is also growing more and more popular.

Tech tools and automation can never replace the personal core of recruiting. However, you should find a way to make your “busy work” as easy and streamlined as possible! The more time spent doing menial busy work, the less time you have to talk to candidates. 

It's Time to Get Creative

If you’re a recruiter, you know the talent market has changed dramatically over the last two years. The takeaway is that recruiters need to adapt. While it’s stressful, look at it as an opportunity to learn, grow, and develop new skills.

The most effective recruiters are now in higher demand than ever before – giving you an incredible opportunity to advance your career.

Opportunity only knocks once!