Recruitment Marketing: Why Recruiters Are Secretly Marketers

Steve Lowisz
Recruitment marketing is nothing new - but it's still underutilized in today's hiring boom.

In fact, calling it a hiring boom would be an understatement.

Once again, there are way more open positions than there are available candidates. It’s a tough market for recruiting – which is why it’s so important that recruiters do what they can to stand out.

As it gets harder to recruit top talent, more and more recruiters are leveraging marketing techniques to connect with the right candidates.

The reality is candidates won’t come to you on their own. Nobody’s going to find your job posting in a sea of millions on Indeed.

And if you don’t use marketing techniques to frame your opportunity in the right light, no one is going to pay attention.

So what are some marketing concepts and techniques that recruiters need to learn? 

Understand How to Build Your Personal Brand for Recruitment Marketing

What exactly is a brand, anyway?

A personal brand is sort of like your reputation or public image. What are you known for? What do your best clients love about working with you? What expertise or knowledge do people trust you to have?

Today’s best recruiters have a personal brand that they’ve cultivated on LinkedIn. They post regularly about their field of expertise, they offer value to people in their industry, and they generally are there to help others.

They’re also incredibly consistent – they post daily about the same topics and themes. They have the same picture across different social media platforms, and their profile is carefully curated to demonstrate their credibility.

In a nutshell, building your personal brand is making sure every part of their online presence is carefully adjusted to showcase your credibility and value to candidates. As a result, you’ll get WAY more responses and ultimately make more placements. 

Learn the Basics of Persuasive Writing for Recruitment Marketing

How many times have you sent InMails or emails that got no responses?

How many times have you posted job ads or application portals that didn’t get any applicants?

These are some of the biggest challenges for recruiters, but you can greatly increase your odds if you learn the marketing skill of copywriting.

In short, copywriting is writing something that persuades someone to take action. As a recruiter, you need to learn how to write messages that persuade candidates to get on the phone with you and ultimately apply.

We have some tips for writing irresistible messages here. You should also research marketing techniques for creating high-converting landing pages and try to apply the same principles to your career pages! 

Get Comfortable Posting Photos and Videos on LinkedIn 

Video and photos are everything on LinkedIn. A post with a visual is far more likely to get engagement and reach a wider audience.

Many people are afraid to get on camera but remember you don’t have to be a movie star for a great video post.

Even a simple one-minute video of you walking down the street and giving a short piece of advice or sharing your perspective on a current trend can be an awesome post.

For photos, try writing something down on a pad of paper and posting, posting a picture of your view out the window on a nice day, etc. It doesn’t have to be anything mind-blowing. People relate to simple, nice photographs that you take yourself. It makes you seem like a real person – not another bot or offshore recruiter sending spammy messages.

Authentic recruitment marketing can be key to standing out from the crowd on social media and starting a conversation with a candidate! 

Practice Makes Perfect With Recruitment Marketing

There’s a good chance recruitment marketing is outside your comfort zone as a recruiter. Nobody starts out as a marketing expert – the important part is that you start leveraging these techniques and practicing. The more you post, the more you create videos, the more comfortable you’ll get and the better your results will be. 

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