Should You Be Using ChatGPT for Recruiting

Steve Lowisz
Everywhere you look, AI is getting more and more common.

As a recruiter, you may be wondering if you should also be leveraging ChatGPT – and how you can get the best results from this tool.

The short answer is that the tool is worth using – but you have to be careful not to rely on it TOO much.

Here's why... 

ChatGPT Can Speed Up Recruiting Tasks

There’s no doubt that ChatGPT can dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend on different parts of your job.

From job descriptions to candidate outreach, ChatGPT can write faster than any human ever could.

Additionally, ChatGPT is a great resource for writing Boolean search strings.

However, there is one big downside...

It Can't Replace a Human Connection

Think about all the messages you’ve got from recruiters recently.

Which are the ones that really stood out to you?

Which are the messages that you actually responded to?

Were they generic messages talking about a “great opportunity?” Or did they show some real personality, and mention specific details about your profile that stood out to them?

The most valuable skill for any recruiter is the ability to initiate a real conversation with someone and build a real relationship.

As cool as ChatGPT is, it can’t do that!

Use ChatGPT Where You Can, But Don’t Forget to Build Real Relationships 

Moving faster and working more efficiently is great. But you have to make sure your approach is still helping you deliver the required results.

To make great hires, you not only have to start a conversation, but you have to build real relationships.

AI will never be able to foster and build relationships like a real person. It can’t help you find common ground with a candidate or get to know them as a person and find out what drives them.

We’re big supporters of using any tool you can to get an advantage, make your life easier, and so forth.

So don’t be afraid to use ChatGPT – but remember that there are many areas in recruiting where a personal touch is everything!

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